Billing Services, Inc has over 25 years experience in medical billing. Our team of professionals came together in the early 80s and began by specializing in billing for Anesthesia and Pain Management practices. Over the years we have evolved to become a multi-specialty billing company with experience over a broad array of specialties. Jack and Sue Emptage are the principals in the business. As you can see below, our backgrounds both originated in finance. We find that our eclectic business experience enables us to deliver superior services to our clients. Our account executives will work with you to identify developing trends in your practice and devise strategies to meet the complex, ever-changing process of reimbursement. BSI has successfully and consistently been able to adapt to changes in medical billing and will work with your staff to maximize your practice potential.

We are a customer service oriented company utilizing a staff of highly skilled and trained reimbursement professionals. Offering personalized services designed for your practice, BSI will be your “practice partner” assisting you in all aspects of practice management to streamline your systems and maximize your reimbursements.


Sue Emptage

Sue Emptage began her career on Wall Street. She worked for eleven years as an account executive at a major firm assisting individuals and corporations with the management of their money. During that time, she came to realize the importance of money management and controls which is a great background to rely on when understanding the importance of medical billing.

Sue’s medical billing career began with an anesthesia group in New York City which is still an important client of BSI. In 2001 Sue was designated as a Certified Professional Coder by the American Association of Professional Coders. The majority of her time is spent training our providers and their staffs in the best manner to increase their productivity through proper documentation and coding strategies.

Jack Emptage

Jack Emptage has been active in the day to day management of BSI for over fifteen years. His focus has been on strategic positioning of the firm, new business and all financial aspects of the business. Prior to making a full time commitment to BSI, Jack was heavily involved in finance. Starting as a lending officer at Chase Manhattan Bank, he enjoyed many varied assignments ultimately functioning as the CFO of the bank’s International Department. Thereafter, he became heavily involved in the commodity business managing both the trading and brokerage activities for a major Wall Street firm.

In addition, Jack has been active in his community where he served as president of the school board and chief of the local volunteer fire department. He is currently an elected member of the board of fire commissioners and a trustee of his church.
The key to the long term success of our clients and in fact BSI is that we are compliant in every aspect of our business. We have an active compliance plan that is overseen by our compliance officer who works in conjunction with our healthcare attorney. Anyone can get paid! At BSI our goal is to assure that if you are audited- you keep your money!