The key to the long term success of our clients and in fact BSI is that we are compliant in every aspect of our business. We have an active compliance plan that is overseen by our compliance officer who works in conjunction with our healthcare attorney. Anyone can get paid! At BSI our goal is to assure that if you are audited- you keep your money!


BSI prides themselves in their ability to take on the personality of the physicians and their staff. We are a true extension of your office and treat your patients with the same care and understanding that you do.


BSI is always available to you, your staff and your patients. You will never get stuck in the answering system loop trying to decide what number to push. Each member of our group, including the principals, are available to answer billing or coding questions; and at any time will be happy to cater to that difficult patient.

Industry Expertise

BSI has a full range of billing experience. We have billed for practices that are “out of network” as well as those that are contracted. Our physician profiles cover a broad spectrum. We bill for those that are participating with Medicare as confidently as we bill for others that have “opted out” of the Medicare program. Each has their respective challenge and BSI has the expertise.